Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is the blog for The Barn House: Confessions of an Urban Rehabber by Ed Zotti, published by New American Library/Penguin, September 2008.

"As a writer [Zotti] is both a superb stylist and a superb explainer, a rare combination whose reigning demigods are Tracy Kidder and John McPhee.... This book is about a lot more than sawing and nailing, plumbing and wiring; it is about understanding one's community, its past and its future. And about understanding one's own place in that community." — Henry Kisor, "The Reluctant Blogger"; retired book editor, Chicago Sun-Times

If you'd like to comment on The Barn House or issues raised in it, here's a link to a message board for the book that I check often.

The photo on the left was taken in the fall of 1993, not long after work on the Barn House began. The photo on the right was taken in May, 2008. For more about the book (and the house), see: